About us

Growing Up Together in Society (GUTS) is a consortium of researchers from a wide variety of different disciplines that share a mission: to understand how youth grow up in a complex society.

Research program
Some citizens contribute to society: they contribute to the economy and help others, making society as a whole more resilient. Other citizens need life-long societal support, or develop anti-social behaviors. Our key-question is: How do young people grow up in increasingly complex societies and what are the main causes for individual differences in contributing to society?

In the GUTS research program we study how inequalities in societal opportunities, together with individual differences in neurobiological development, together predict the extent to which young people develop into contributing members of have opportunities to contribute to society.

The GUTS consortium is an interdisciplinary team of researchers, and extends an existing collaborative research group established over the last 5-10 years. Several members work together in ongoing projects.The GUTS consortium investigates youth from the perspective of societal neuroscience, and combines insights and expertise from neuroscience, psychology, psychiatry, and sociology.