NeuroLabNL Startimpulse mid-way symposium

On May 16th, researchers of the NeuroLabNL Startimpulse projects celebrated the fact that they are mid-way, and the projects are running well. Prof. dr. Ron Dahl (UC Berkeley) kicked off with his inspiring lecture on the application of developmental neuroscience for public health: positive interventions at an early age give an upward spin to development. Also, youth likes to “matter”: by keeping youth involved and by respecting their opinion, they will find a positive way to contribute to society.

Startimpulse researchers presented the products that they are working on right now, such as an app for learning a second language, motivation measuring tools, educational material on antisocial behavior, and a new social taxonomy for child adolescent development.

For more news on this inspiring day, see the NeuroLabNL website and Universiteit Leiden.

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