Research team SENSA wins AMMODO Science Award

The Social Educational Neuroscience Amsterdam (SENSA) research team, including GUTS researcher Lydia Krabbendam, has won the first edition of the “Ammodo Science Award for groundbreaking research” in the Social Sciences domain!

The SENSA team conducts research into social cohesion within society: how do you promote and maintain social cohesion in a society where individualism and discrimination seem to be increasing ? With the help of research into the functioning of the brain in children and adolescents, the research team tries to answer this question and gain more insight into social processes. With the research results, the researchers hope to be able to have a social impact and offer opportunities for applications in practice, in particular in education.

Do you want to know more about SENSA and the social setting research? Visit their own website or read more about the winners on the website of the Ammodo Science Award.

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