Loes Keijsers appointed Full Professor at the Erasmus University Rotterdam

Loes Keijsers has been appointed full professor Clinical Child and Family Studies at Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), Department of Psychology, Education, and Child Studies, with effect from 1 November 2020.

Happy and functioning adults are important for a resilient society. The foundation is laid in childhood, among other things in upbringing. But not every child reacts in the same way to his or her social environment. In the coming years, Loes Keijsers will pay attention to the developing child and its environment in her research and education. For example, she will investigate how each individual child reacts to his or her parents, or to the use of social media. For this she uses new methods, such as measuring emotions and experiences in daily life with smartphones. This is also called Experience Sampling. She translates these scientific insights into practical applications such as eHealth apps, which she does together with young people and other end users. Together with Erasmus MC, she recently launched the GrowIt! app, which supports young people in dealing with negative emotions in daily life during the Corona crisis.

Thijs Bol new member of KNAW Young Academy

Thijs Bol is one of the ten new members of the KNAW Young Academy. The Young Academy is part of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. It is a network of successful researchers in various fields who have obtained their PhD less than ten years ago. The Young Academy organises activities for various stakeholders on topics such as interdisciplinarity, science policy and science and society.

Anna van Duijvenvoorde wins Heineken Young Scientist Award

The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences has awarded the Heineken
Young Scientists Award 2020 in the Social Sciences to Anna van Duijvenvoorde (b. 1983), a developmental psychologist at Leiden University. Van Duijvenvoorde is receiving the award for her research on the development of the brain and behaviour in adolescents.

The Heineken Young Scientists Awards are important incentive prizes for young researchers whose outstanding achievements mean that they set an example for other young scientists. Each prize comprises a monetary award of EUR 10,000 and an artwork.

Research team SENSA wins AMMODO Science Award

The Social Educational Neuroscience Amsterdam (SENSA) research team, including GUTS researcher Lydia Krabbendam, has won the first edition of the “Ammodo Science Award for groundbreaking research” in the Social Sciences domain!

The SENSA team conducts research into social cohesion within society: how do you promote and maintain social cohesion in a society where individualism and discrimination seem to be increasing ? With the help of research into the functioning of the brain in children and adolescents, the research team tries to answer this question and gain more insight into social processes. With the research results, the researchers hope to be able to have a social impact and offer opportunities for applications in practice, in particular in education.

Do you want to know more about SENSA and the social setting research? Visit their own website or read more about the winners on the website of the Ammodo Science Award.

Start impulse Neurolabnl symposium: “Join forces for youth”

On Tuesday, March 10, 2020, the Start Impulse of NeurolabNL, in collaboration with the Start Impulse of NWA route Youth in Development, Education and Education, organizes the symposium “Join forces for youth” in the Utrecht House in Utrecht. It has been two years since the kick-off and 9 research projects have now been started through which the routes attempt to map the position of adolescents in our society. NeuroLabNL does this in four research projects that focus on “Optimal conditions for learning and safety of young people” and within the Youth route five research projects are conducted on “Equal opportunities for a diverse youth”. During the meeting we put everything together: what have we learned in the collaboration between science and society so far?

Exchange within the routes is central to the morning program. The afternoon is reserved for various external speakers, including philosopher and writer Bas Haring, Anneke Hendriks, project manager of the Dopper Foundation and expert in the field of youth participation and sustainability, and students from vocational education Landstede.

The symposium will be in Dutch. For the full program and registration options, see here.