Anticipated time schedule:

  • Arrival: October 9th 2023
  • Tuesday Oct 10th-Oct 11th: Conference
  • Thursday Oct 12th: Departure

  • Monday Oct 9th: dinner GUTS Leaders and SAB
  • Thursday Oct 12th: Training sessions for PhD students and post docs

Tuesday Oct 10th:

9-10 amArrival, Registration
10-11 amOpening: Introducing GUTS
Inspiration Talk
Eveline Crone, Erasmus Univ (Netherlands)
Speaker TBA
11-12 amMorning session: How neuroscience can inform our understanding of youth’s contribution to society in the context of current societal challengesAndrew Fuligni, UCLA (US)
Sarah-Jayne Blakemore, University of
Cambridge (UK)
12-1.30 pmInteractive lunch with posters
1.30-2 pmPerspectives talk: how to build
connections between fields
Bea Luna, UMPC, Pittsburgh (US)
2-3.30 pmAfternoon session:
Understanding the effects of diversity in socio-economic opportunities in large cohort studies and insights in longitudinal prediction (including responsible predictive modeling)
Deanna Barch, Washington Univ, St. Louis
Hilleke Hulshoff Pol (Univ Utrecht,
4-5 pmCommentary: A global perspective on diversity in opportunitiesMark Jordans/Chris Lund
5 pmClosing and Drinks

Wednesday Oct 11th:

9-9.30 amArrival, Registration
9.30- 12.30 amMorning session: Novel experimental social neuroscience methods and approaches in adolescenceLeah Somerville, Harvard University (US)
Eva Telzer, UNC (US)
Jenn Pfeifer, University of Oregon (US)
Lydia Krabbendam, VU (Netherlands)
Ingmar Franken (EUR)/Nienke van Atteveldt (VU)
12.30-2 pmInteractive lunch with posters
2-4.30 pmAfternoon session: Social relationships, antisocial behavior and network modeling in adolescence and early adulthoodMitch Prinstein, UNC (US)
Christoph Stadtfeld ETH Zurich
Matteo Giletta, University of Ghent
Lucres Nauta-Jansen, AUMC (Netherlands)
Berna Güroğlu, Leiden Univ/ René Veenstra,
Univ Groningen (Netherlands)
4.30-5 pmCommentary: A future perspective on diversity in opportunitiesRon Dahl, UC Berkeley (US)
5 pmClosing and Drinks