Within the GUTS consortium, researchers work together on different projects. See below and click on the projects to find out more.



The Resist project is a collaboration between researchers from Leiden University, VUMC and the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience (NIN). Funded by an AMMODO KNAW grant, the primary aim of this project is to gain insight into different developmental trajectories in young adults with a history of antisocial behavior, by studying several underlying psychological and neurobiological… Continue reading Resist

NeurolabNL Young

The project leaders and several researchers of the NeurolabNL NWA Startimpulse join forces again to disseminate the results form the Startimpulse project to youth themselves. Knowledge about brain and behavioral development usually only reaches adults. However, this knowledge is particularly relevant for adolescents, for example to better deal with stress or social exclusion. In this… Continue reading NeurolabNL Young


Within the University of Leiden, different funds are brought together to study the ability to learn from others in adolescence. Adolescence is a period of brain development, particularly in regions related to cognitive and social functioning. The sensitivity for social-affective processing in this period offers a huge opportunity for fostering learning in a period that… Continue reading Studybuddy

SENSA – AMMODO Science Award

SENSA (Social Educational Neuroscience Amsterdam) is a team of researchers who jointly tackle urgent issues at the intersection of social psychology, developmental psychology, cognitive neuroscience and educational neuroscience. The focus of the team is on investigating the behavioral and brain mechanisms of social and motivational processes in educational settings from childhood to adolescence. In the… Continue reading SENSA – AMMODO Science Award

Wellbeing during COVID-19

The ‘Wellbeing During the COVID-19 Pandemic’ project is a collaboration between researchers from Erasmus University and Radboud University Nijmegen. This Spinoza-funded project is part of the larger Urban Wellbeing research line, which was recently launched by the SYNC lab. The COVID-19 pandemic crisis has resulted in a unique set of experiences for adolescents and young… Continue reading Wellbeing during COVID-19

NeuroLabNL – NWA Startimpulse

A running project that involves a large number of researchers from the GUTS consortium is the NeuroLabNL “Startimpulse” project, funded by the Dutch National Science Agenda. The Dutch National Science Agenda is based on questions that were proposed by members of the Dutch society. The central focus of the Startimpulse project is to set up… Continue reading NeuroLabNL – NWA Startimpulse