The Resist project is a collaboration between researchers from Leiden University, VUMC and the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience (NIN). Funded by an AMMODO KNAW grant, the primary aim of this project is to gain insight into different developmental trajectories in young adults with a history of antisocial behavior, by studying several underlying psychological and neurobiological mechanisms.  For this purpose, data will be used from a unique cohort of Dutch individuals who have been arrested by the police before the age of twelve years. This cohort was followed across adolescence and will be investigated again during their current developmental phase, emerging adulthood.
Members include: Eveline Crone (Leiden University), Arne Popma (VUMC), Lucres Nauta-Jansen (VUMC), Marieke Bos (Leiden University), Ilse van de Groep (Leiden University, VUMC), Anika Bexkens (Leiden University), Neeltje Blankenstein (VUMC, Leiden University), Eus van Someren (NIN), Desi Kocevska (NIN), Lieke van Domburgh (VUMC/Pluryn), Tijs Jambroes (VUMC), Jorim Tielbeek (VUMC), Valeria Gazzola (NIN), Alessandra Nostro (NIN)