SENSA – AMMODO Science Award

SENSA (Social Educational Neuroscience Amsterdam) is a team of researchers who jointly tackle urgent issues at the intersection of social psychology, developmental psychology, cognitive neuroscience and educational neuroscience. The focus of the team is on investigating the behavioral and brain mechanisms of social and motivational processes in educational settings from childhood to adolescence. In the project the team integrates lab-based experimental approaches with more ecologically valid methods, for example by using portable neuroimaging techniques that can be applied in the classroom while students are interacting. The SENSA team received the AMMODO Science Award for Groundbreaking research in 2020. This 1.2M euro award will be used to extend current projects and initiate new projects with the overarching goal to support social development in adolescents. 

Members of the consortium include:
Lydia Krabbendam (VU), Nienke van Atteveldt (VU), Paul van Lange (VU), Barbara Braams (VU), Tieme Janssen (VU), Jellie Sierksma (VU), TuongVan Vu (VU), Nikki Lee (VU), Mariët van Buuren (VU), photo by Iris Duvekot