ZonMW funding obtained to develop educational material for professionals working with youth antisocial behavior

Neurobiological knowledge about antisocial behavior in adolescents has increased in recent years. How this knowledge can be used in practice, for example by professionals working with criminal youth, is often still unclear. Hogeschool Windesheim and Hogeschool Utrecht have been awarded a ZonMW grant for the development of a curriculum about the neurobiology behind antisocial behavior. This curriculum is intended to give professionals (in training) insight into the neurobiological aspects that can play a role in antisocial behavior: how can you deal with this knowledge, use the knowledge and what conclusion can you attach to it.

Scientific knowledge from the Startimpulse of NeuroLabNL, a consortium affiliated with GUTS, is combined with practical knowledge from, among others, the Academic Workplace Youth and social partners such as the NIFP, Pluryn and Young in Prison. An important part of the development of the educational package lies in involving the needs and opinion of young people themselves and the professionals who work with them. The result will be a dynamic educational package that is based on the most recent knowledge from neurobiology, psychology and sociology.

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